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Supermono GB

Formed to promote the racing of single cylinder 4 stroke motorcycles within the UK, for riders novice to expert

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About Supermono GB

Supermono GB was launched in 2017 to rekindle the love of racing supermonos. From early beginnings of a few regular riders the club has steadily grown year on year and now have a regular 20+ competitors lining up on the grid. The club prides itself on it's friendly atmosphere. Competitors are always ready to help others get back out on the grid after a spill or breakdown. The racing is competitive but fun throughout the field. We have a fantastic range of riders from 16 to 60+, boys and girls. So if your just starting out, or just winding down, there's a spot for you at Supermono GB.


The championships will run with bikes categorised into either the Supermono Clubmans or Supermono Evo class.(See below for eligibility criteria.)

Trophies will be awarded for each class, at every meeting. Further, championship trophies will be awarded at the end of the year.

End of season trophies will also be awarded to the Best Novice and Junior under 18 rider.

Points will be awarded in each class in line with FIM world championship regulations i.e. 1st 25, 2nd 20, 3rd 16, 4th 13, 5th 11, 6th 10 etc down to 15th 1 point.

To be eligible, riders must be registered members of Supermono‐GB and carry our sponsors logo on their machines ‐ Suitable decals will be provided to all entrants.


Primarily it is the engine which will define which class the bike is eligible for.

The guiding principle is to try and ensure that bikes are grouped together with those of similar (potential) performance.

This is not an exhaustive list. Should you require clarification as to which class a particular bike/engine is eligible for, please contact the series organisers.

Supermono Clubmans

  • Honda XBR500
  • Honda XR600/650
  • Yamaha SR500
  • Yamaha SRX600
  • Yamaha SZR660/XTZ660
  • Rotax
  • MZ660
  • BMW F650
  • KTM390

Supermono Evo

  • KTM 690/LC4
  • KTM 500 series
  • Husqvarna 701
  • Husaberg 650
  • Honda CRF450
  • Yamaha WRF 450
  • Pami BMW

Eligibility Rules

Machine specification for Supermono‐GB Series

Please note that responsibility for interpretation and application of the eligibility rules lies solely with the series organisers.

Similarly, the series organisers are solely responsible for determining in which of the Supermono‐GB race classes and individual bike is eligible for.

Should you require clarification/interpretation as regards the use of any particular bike, engine or parts then we would ask that you contact the series organisers, particularly before purchasing or building a bike with a view to entering a particular class.


Four stroke single cylinder manufactured on or after 1st January 1976 (no modern replica's of pre 1976 machines)

Minimum capacity 375cc


All machines to be fitted with clip on style handlebars, mounted below the top yoke (apart from KTM390 & Husqvarna Vitpilen with std bars and yokes)

All machines to be fitted with a full race fairing. Tyres ‐ Must be treaded. No Slicks. No cut slicks. This rule is driven by operational requirements/restrictions when running with CRMC.

Any component not specifically mentioned in the above machine specifications or detailed in the ACU Road Racing standing regulations are free choice


All machines must comply with the ACU Road Racing standing regulations.

Please be aware of noise regulations which may vary dependant on the circuit being raced at. These will be detailed in the regulations issued by CRMC for each race meeting.

Testing methodology/procedure/interpretation is at the discretion of the ACU and/or circuit owner/ race organising club.

Please be sure to consult the organizing clubs standing regulations prior to any race meeting in respect of noise and other safety issues.

Provisional 2024 Race Dates

The Classic Racing Motorcycle Club host the Supermono GB series. There are seven meetings through the year consisting of a qualifying session and 4 races over the course of the weekend.

2023 Provisional Dates


So you fancy racing Supermono. Well it doesn't matter what level you ride at, or what level your bike's at, all are welcome at Supermono GB.

Step 1

Firstly get your bike race prepared. Bike eligibility is simple enough and technical inspection at the race meetings should be able to advise on any issues you’re not sure about.

Step 2

Next up is the paperwork. You will need a currently valid ACU Road Race Competition Licence.

ACU website

Step 3

You will also need to join Supermono GB as a club member to be eligible to compete. Fill out our membership form and email details to .

Step 4

Finally you will need to join the CRMC Classic Racing Motorcycle Club as they host the Supermono GB series. Entries are handled by CRMC.

CRMC website

We at Supermono GB are happy to answer any questions and look forward to seeing you on the track.